Friendship Golf Pool 2020 - Rules

Entry Fee: $25.00

How to Play:

  • Enter oyur picks here
  • from each of the 13 boxes on the entry form, select one player that you think will make the most Official PGA Money during the 2020 PGA Tour season
  • All entry forms are filled out online at  You can follow this guide to help with the new process
  • All entry fees and payouts for prizes are done via etransfer. 
  • Please reach out to family or friends in the pool that can organize an EFT payment if you are unaware how.  If you have questions about EFT please reach out to me and I can help.
  • you may enter as often as you wish
  • you must be 19 years of age or older to participate


  • the pool runs from  January 2, 2020 until August 27, 2020
  • all PGA Tour events within this timeframe are included, as well as the following events:
    • 4 major events
    • 4 WGC events
    • Note: the list of tournaments is subject to change, at any time during the year


  • weekly: awarded to the entries whose players' weekly earnings are the highest for that event
  • year-end: awarded to the entries whose players' total earnings are the highest for the entire year
  • the number and value of the prizes can only be determined once all the entries have been received and paid for


  • there is a small administration fee, to cover website hosting
  • as in the past, the organizer gets one free entry


  • after each tournament, the weekly results will be posted on my web site, at:
  • Note: the results are not emailed to you, so it is up to you to check the web site periodically.