The Easy Office Pools entry form is Almost ready.  There is a few people missing from the list.  However, to give everyone a quick run through on what to expect with regards to Team Submission changes.  I have drafted a fairly clear list of steps below.  Of course, if you have questions, or need clarification let me know. 

I cannot allow anyone to Submit picks, until the Site corrects the two mistakes.  Jim Furyk does not appear, and neither does Corey Connors.  When the entry form is available you will receive an email from me, that looks like below (this is just a sample, there is no need to click on any links, or visit the website just yet)



1.     Fill in the Details as you normally would, including your Team Alias (Team Name field)



2.     When you start to pick your team(s) you will use the example below



3.     After all Tiers have 1 golfer selected, press the Submit button at the bottom of the page.



4.     You will receive a message that the team was created successfully.


5.     A) If you are planning on entering another team, then repeat these same steps.  You can use the same Full Name, and Email address, however you will need to use a Different Alias. 


B) If you try to use an Alias that is already taken, you will get a message similar to the following (Alias names are first come first serve.):



Upon sending me payment, please reference your Alias name(s) that is associated with the Payment(s)